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Protecting Investors’ Rights

How LewinsLaw, P.C., Can Help With Investment Fraud, Misconduct Or Negligence

Have you been subjected to financial loss due to brokerage misconduct? With experience in claims ranging from failure to hedge to breach of fiduciary duty, LewinsLaw, P.C. in Dallas is here to help you navigate your investment fraud, misconduct or negligence claim.

Richard Lewins has more than 25 years of legal experience as well as a background in brokerage and investment, so you know you’re working with someone who understands both sides of your case. Mr. Lewins works with clients nationwide.

Unsuitability, Theft And Other Forms Of Investment Fraud

Mr. Lewins handles a wide range of investment-related claims, but some are much more common than others. Unfortunately, the investment market doesn’t always attract the most cautious or honest brokers, so you need to know what claims are valid in order to protect yourself and your future financial success. From churning to unauthorized trading, here are some of the most common types of brokerage misconduct:

Suitability – Your broker has a duty to only recommend suitable investments. That means every recommendation must meet your investment objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, etc. Failure on the broker to take those factors into account may result in a claim for unsuitability.

Breach of fiduciary duty – If your broker is a registered investment advisor, that person has an obligation to act in your best interest. You place your trust in your broker, and if they break that trust out of greed or for any other reason, you may have grounds for a breach of fiduciary duty claim.

Churning – If your broker has made a large amount of trades for which they received commission, you may have been the victim of churning. This serious offense occurs when a broker makes excessive trades that are not in your best interest.

Failure to diversify and over concentration – Unless you explicitly request a high number of stocks in one specific area, your broker has a responsibility to recommend a variety of investments in unrelated areas to create a diverse stock portfolio. If your broker has advised you to place or keep all your finances in one stock or area, you may have a failure to diversify and over concentration claim.

Unauthorized trading – Before your stockbroker buys or sells any securities in your name, they must get your permission. If a broker makes sales without the proper permission, they have committed unauthorized trading. Speak to Mr. Lewins to assert your rights to pursue a claim.

Theft – Any time a stockbroker engages in illegal trading or intentionally misleading advice, they are likely committing a crime. If you think you’ve been the victim of investment theft through something like a Ponzi or pyramid scheme, Mr. Lewins is able to help you file a claim.

Handling A Full Range Of Related Claims

In addition to the above claims, Mr. Lewins handles a full variety of related security law claims. These include:

If you believe you were the victim of any of these claims, Mr. Lewins is here to discuss your case and pursue any potential charges so you have a chance to try to recoup your financial losses.

Get The Information And Guidance You Need To Take Action

With over 25 years of experience successfully handling investor claims in Dallas and in cities across the country, Richard Lewins knows what it takes to prove negligence and fraud. His many years as a licensed broker have provided him essential insight into the financial world, its operations and the ways in which brokers and their firms misconduct business. New clients receive a complimentary consultation. Call 972-893-9245 or send Mr. Lewins an inquiry email to get in touch.

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