Protecting Investors’ Rights

In the Media

Hear what the leader of LewinsLaw, P.C. has said about consumerism, investor’s rights, and other legal topics by referencing his past media coverage. Richard was interviewed on the “Consumerism Commentary Podcast,“ and formerly hosted his own show called “Investor’s Rights with Richard Lewins.”

Published Book and Magazine Author

For the February 10, 2014 issue of Texas Lawyer titled “Holding ‘Wolves’ of Wall Street Accountable with Quality Claims,” Richard wrote an intriguing and thought-provoking article. If you are interested in reading his article, visit Texas Lawyer’s website. If you are not a subscriber, create a free temporary subscription so you’re able to enjoy and learn from Richard’s in-depth online commentary.

In addition to contributing articles to magazines and interviews to “Consumerism Commentary Podcast,” Richard has authored a book titled How to Keep From Going Broke with a Broker. This informative and detailed book helps average investors like you learn the ins and outs of dealing with brokerage firms and stockbrokers effectively.


Our Videos

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Where are most investment disputes resolved?

Is the FINRA forum fair to investors?

Why don’t more investors come forward and bring claims to recover investment losses?

What legal duties do financial advisors owe their customers regarding investment recommendations?

What are private placements and why should investors be wary of investing in them?

What are non-traded REITs and why should investors be careful about investing in them?

What are oil and gas investments and should investors consider investing in them?

What should investors do if they believe they are a victim of investment abuse?