Work with an Experienced Securities litigation lawyer

Have you lost a significant amount of money while working with a broker or other investment professional? Richard A. Lewins’ law office in Dallas, TX, is here to help try to recoup your losses. Lewins Law is a firm specializing in investment-related cases. Richard A. Lewins, a financial investment attorney, has more than 20 years of experience handling claims against brokers, brokerage firms, and investment advisors.

His goal is to preserve and protect your rights as an investor. Richard A. Lewins has represented investors for many years, and his option has been sought by various local and national media outlets. In addition, he has written a helpful and informative book to help you stay safe while investing your hard-earned money.

Experienced Financial Investment Attorney

When you’re dealing with broker fraud and misconduct, you want a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to handle your case properly. As a financial investment attorney with background and experience in the investment world, Richard has the real-world experience and legal knowledge to help you fight when you’ve been financially injured by a fraudulent or negligent broker or investment professional. From theft to unsuitable investments recommendations as well as misrepresentations. Richard is able to handle a wide variety of cases.

What Does an Investor Rights Attorney Do?

An investor rights attorney handles many different types of cases relating to investment fraud. In almost all instances, there is a direct or indirect failure of your broker or investment advisor to perform the duties of their job, which may result in a financial loss for you.

Recognized by Local and State Wide Magazines

Richard A. Lewins was voted one of the best lawyers in Dallas and in Texas, by peer review committees of D Magazine and Texas Monthly. Selection usually represents the top 5 % of attorneys in a given practice area. As a Securities Attorney Richard is a member of an elite group of legal professionals devoted to helping people like you recover from various types of financial loss.