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Protecting Investors’ Rights

About Attorney Richard Lewins

Before becoming an attorney, Richard Lewins worked for such firms as EF Hutton, Merrill Lynch, Shearson Lehman and HD Vest. His positions included Financial Advisor, Regional Marketing Manager and Regional Sales Manager. While he enjoyed a successful career, he recognized conduct and systems that were inconsistent with putting the best interest of the client ahead of the best interest of the firm.

Mr. Lewins also noted that there were not many places an investor could turn to for experienced and knowledgeable help. After all, how many attorneys had the brokerage experience and insight necessary to recognize when the game was not being played above board? This motivated him to leave the brokerage business and put himself through law school and founding his Dallas firm, LewinsLaw, P.C..

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Richard A. Lewins

Today, Mr. Lewins has more than 25 years of experience handling claims against brokers, brokerage firms and investment advisors.

Investors Have Options

Mr. Lewins focuses his practice in an area of law that most of his clients didn’t even know existed until meeting him. He relates that many clients believe it is their fault for having been defrauded. In many cases. “This is not true in many cases,” asserts Lewins.

“Financial advisors have a responsibility to invest your money in a way that is suitable for you. They must put your interests ahead of their firm’s interests.”

If this is not done then as an investor you may be able to take action against them. “You have options,” Lewins affirms.

Representing The Rights Of Investors

Because fraud can happen anywhere, Mr. Lewins is one of a few hundred attorneys in the nation who has handled arbitrations before NASD/FINRA, NYSE and AAA in Texas and in cities across the country. He represents individual investors in claims against brokers, brokerage firms and investment advisors. He has a solid reputation for recovering substantial sums.

The nature of his work, his singular focus and his book on the subject have made him a much-sought-after speaker for bar associations, CPAs, financial executives and national news organizations. Mr. Lewins is passionate about what he does. His goal is to preserve and protect your rights as an investor.

Leveraging His Experience To Defend Your Rights

When dealing with broker fraud and misconduct, you want a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to handle your case properly. As a financial investment attorney with a background and experience in the investment world, Richard has the real-world experience and legal knowledge to help you fight when you’ve been financially injured by a fraudulent or negligent broker or investment professional. From theft to unsuitable investments recommendations as well as misrepresentations, Richard is able to handle a wide variety of cases.

Work With A Proven Financial Investment Attorney

Investing is one of the more complex areas of life. Not everyone understands when a financial loss is simply the effect of a market downturn and when this loss is due to negligence or fraud. Mr. Lewins offers a free consultation to new clients. If you have experienced a serious financial loss and are curious to find out what was behind this result, Mr. Lewins can help. Call 972-893-9245. You can also reach him at the firm by sending an inquiry email. Mr. Lewins serves clients throughout the United States and is dedicated to protecting the rights of investors.

Additional Practice Areas

  • Churning
  • Failure to Diversify And Over Concentration
  • Unauthorized Trading
  • Theft
  • Failure to Hedge
  • Failure to Supervise
  • Improper Use Of Margin
  • Selling Away